Saturday, June 29, 2013

Zone Mortalis WIP

I picked up two Zone Mortalis tiles for cheap just as a way to see if I'd like to get more or try and make my own. Here's some WIP pics of my work on the first tile. Soooo many rivets and such to pre-shade. I think it took me about 2.5 to 3 hours just to clean, prime and pre-shade this one tile. I can't imagine going to all this trouble for 16 tiles or *shudder* 32 tiles etc.
 Cleaned and starting to prime it with Badger Air-brush Minitaire Snow White

 I sort of "reverse" pre-shaded the tile by NOT completely covering some areas with the Snow White.
 Started with the actual Black pre-shading over the Snow White.
 OMG! Sooooo much to pre-shade.... Sooooo many rivets etc!
Shaded in the floor tiles a tad more though I seem to have missed the bottom left in the hall.

More to come as I've actually tapped off the floor and base coated the walls with a metallic blue shade.

Intro Place Holder

At some point I'll post something about me and why I'm starting this blog so this is a place holder post for that. For now I'll just get to the good stuff and start posting WIP pics etc.