Sunday, September 8, 2013

Raptors Legion/Chapter debut and studying.

No real Riptide update I'm afraid but the matte varnish I finally settled on has arrived so I'll be able to get back to work on the Riptide sometime after Wednesday. Why Wednesday you ask? Well I'm studying for the Cisco Certified Network Professional (Routing and Switching) exams and I'm scheduled to take the switching exam on Wednesday. So lots of studying and very little hobby progress lately.

The Matte Varnish I settled on after some online research is.... Vallejo Polyurethane Satin Varnish and so far it's been great. I've only brushed it on but will try it through the airbrush later this week.

With the Riptide set to the side this past week, I was able to turn my attention (when not studying) to some of the Heresy MK III armor that I've had sitting around untouched for months. I've been dreaming of making a Raptors Legion/Chapter ever since I first read about them in Imperial Armour Three: Taros Campaign. They are a successor chapter of the Raven Guard.

See more about the Raptors Legion/Chapter at the Lexicanum

Also, If anyone has any Forge World Raptors items, Decals, Rhino doors, LR doors etc and you're willing to part with them.... please let me know. I can do $ and or trade depending on what you're after.

As always, CC is welcome and appreciated and thanks for looking!

All airbrush so far and before a Nuln Oil wash.

After the Nuln Oil wash was applied in certain places.

Stormtalon WIP. All Airbrush so far.

Jetbikes kick ass!

Contemptor WIP. 
He'll be striding through a puddle and up onto the broken up tiled part.


  1. Looks good so far. In all honesty I never paid the stormtalon model any attention until looking at yours, and now I wish my wolves could fly one. (They've got a scheme that's similar to yours but with dark blue instead of green.) I look forward to seeing these guys completed.

  2. Looking good man! Can't wait to see more of the marines!

  3. Very excited to see someone working on some Raptors! Just so you know, the "legion" has been dropped officially at this point, so that confusion is behind us. Even the new codex refers to them as just Raptors :)

    They are my chapter as well, feel free to stop by and check out mine. I've been dreaming of doing a Stormtalon as well and yours looks as cool as I imagine them looking!

  4. Hi man, can I ask what paints you are using to get your green for your Raptors. It looks ace

  5. @Nathaniel Marten -

    Sorry for the delayed response.... but I've been using Vallejo Model Color
    Russian Uniform WW2 - 70.924
    Russian Green - 70.894
    Those and some Army Painter Mat Black mixed in to darken the colors a tad when need be. It's been several months since I last painted any and sadly, I didn't write down my methodology at the time. I'm going to have to do some testing on some junk models to nail it down again before proceeding on the real models. If and when I do, I'll write up a post with the exact mix/methodology for them.