Friday, August 30, 2013

Riptide build part 9: Still Painting

I'm running into some issues with finding a good matte finish.... I have the new-ish Badger Minitaire "Flat Coat" which in my experience IS NOT FLAT AT ALL!!!

I've had some issues with some paint rubbing off in some places (little nicks etc here and there) while I'm handling the model. I had sprayed it with what I thought was a good coat of Army Painters "Anti-Shine" and then another coat only to find out later (through some online research) that it's not actually meant to provide a protective layer, only to dull down a previous shiny coat. 

Lesson learned. Now to nail down a good clear protective coat.... any suggestions are appreciated.

Anyway, I tidied up some of the Ocher (yellow) on the body, arms, legs and weapons. Not done the Ocher yet but close. I'm still not sure about the feet though. I may go with black on the feet and on all the "white" circles you see including the circle in the Empire logo on the shield and chest. The head lens will get a color (still undecided) and an attempt at some OSL (wish me luck).

Off to research some protective coatings. As always, CC is welcome and appreciated. Thanks for looking!

The following two pictures (Marine Heresy Legs) are an example of the Badger Minitaire "Flat Coat" that I've found is NOT FLAT AT ALL! I've read mixed reviews online where some people get a Flat finish and others (like myself) get a very Shiny finish. Anyone use is and want to chime in, please do.

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  1. I had the same problem with the nurgle chaos lord I just finished. I was handling the horns on his shoulder a lot, and the paint was wearing away. I reapplied the paint, followed by a thin layer of 'ardcoat gloss varnish. I then dulled it down with lahmian medium.