Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cathedral Terrain Detour

So I'm not starting off well with these huge delays between posts... Modeling ADD is the bane of my hobby life.

I started this Cathedral terrain piece almost a year ago with the intention of it being used as a center blocker. You'll see its scale next to a Stompa and a Stormraven that I placed in a few of the pics.

It didn't take long for my imagination to run wild and a flood of ideas....blast craters, magnetize all of it, magnetize its base to another larger base so it could be separated into one large flat hill and a smaller hill with a ruined cathedral or the whole cathedral on it etc etc. So like so many of my larger projects, it's just dragged on over the past year getting a little attention here and there.

These 5 pics are from October 2012. That's a full 4x6 sheet of masonite so it's perhaps a bit big for a center blocker but I like where it's headed. I've done quite a bit to it over the last month so I'll post updated pics shortly. 

 See Ork boy for scale
 WIP Stormraven for my Blood Angels, again for scale.
 Can you see the Stormraven?
 The Stompa could even get a cover save!
As always, CC is welcome and appreciated and thanks for looking!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Zone Mortalis tile update

Not a lot to report but I did manage to get a base color down for the walls and then a bit of a highlight color over the top (see pics).

This base color makes it look a bit too "fleshy" for my taste but I have to remind myself that it's just a base color and that a brighter color will soon follow and the eventual washes etc as well.

And here it is with  a second (lighter color) applied.

That's it for now. Comments and critiques are always welcome.