Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Riptide build part 3: More magnets and more posing

Little update on the Riptide build. I settled on a base design that I've blocked out with cork. In my mind I see it as a forest setting and having a small creek (water) flowing between the Riptides, moss, shrubberies etc.

Gluing the cork to the standard flyer base that the Riptide comes with.

Magnetized the head so it'll turn and so I can use both head options or create my own heads at some point.

Shield magnetized to attach to the arms.

Both arms are magnetized at the elbows for posing.

Pinning the legs. A big pin for strength and a smaller one for support and it allows me to stand it up before gluing without it twisting and falling over.

Checking out the pose again this time with more bits on it. Note that it's standing on its own here with no additional outside support.... IE it's not leaning on anything and there's no pins from the feet to the base though I will add those later.

And of course no project can ever be considered complete without having bled on it or during the process.

I'm happy to answer any questions anyone may have regarding the build/magnetizing etc.

Thanks for looking and as always, CC are welcome and appreciated.

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