Thursday, August 15, 2013

Riptide build part 4: Close Combat ideas and Final magnetization.

Ok, you may need to use your imagination a tad on some of these pics because I've used blue-tac to slap a DreadKnight sword onto one of the Riptide's arms. I think it looks pretty damn cool but I would have to mod the sword a bit to make it look more Tau and less GK.

Close Combat Riptide!

Big Gun options!

Pins in the base go into the feet to help support the model and help avoid any breaking off from the base.

Scraping away at the base a bit. Making some spots for the feet to appear to smush down into the ground in an effort to indicate/show weight to the model in relation to the base (once it's done).  Also added some low spots for puddles/water effects.

Shoulder joint magnet + a pin and holes so I can magnetize it on but lock it into a particular pose of my choice because the guns are a tad too heavy for the magnet alone to hold up the whole arm/gun. I've done this to both shoulders. The pins aren't glued in so they can always be removed if I want.

And lastly the elbow joint for more posing options.

Thanks for looking!


  1. CC riptide? OK... Well if your going to do it, I'd go with the first pic, with the sword extending from his arm.

  2. I agree. I'll see about creating some sort of Tau-ish wrist/forearm guard that the sword will mount into/onto. Thanks for your comment!