Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Riptide build part 6: Pre Shading. Oh the humanity!

Not a big update but I managed (over the last several evenings) to get the Riptide pre-shaded. My airbrush has been acting up and frustrating me to no end so I had to stop and clean it several times. I also had to stop and walk away from frustration several times.

I did find a great use for a boat load of little screwdrivers I had laying around. You know, the promotional kind you often see vendors handing out. Because they have a magnet on the end, I found they worked really well for holding the magnetized Riptide pieces while I painted them.

Going back with the white to clean up some of my thick black lines and over spray.

Handy screwdrivers with magnets on their ends. Good for holding my magnetized pieces.

As always, CC are welcome and appreciated.

Thanks for looking!


  1. nice to see that someone else builds and paints in stages like I do. I thought I was the only crazy one. the results are worth it.


  2. I certainly is worth it but man does it take FOREVER... especially when your airbrush is acting up. I managed to get a few layers of paint on it today so I'll try and post some pics later.